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National Security 'Duofold' pen.

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National Security pens were made by a number of manufacturers over the years but there is little doubt that this was made by the Valentine Pen Company.  Valentines produced pens for Parker and seemed to have had permission to rebrand Parkers at will.  This pen is not a copy of of a 1920s Parker Duofold Junior, it  is a Parker Duofold Junior with a different nib, clip, and imprint.  Both pens are 115mm. long, 13.5 mm. wide, and have a single 3mm. cap band.

The pen is constructed in red hard rubber with a black blind cap and section. There is no sign of brassing on the gold clip and cap band.  The ridges on the cap band and end stud are still sharp with no dentition scars and the red hard rubber shows no decolourisation.

After restoration the pen was fully tested.  The button filling system works well and the 14 Ct. Gold manifold nib writes with a smooth, firm, fine line.  It is a 'manifold' nib, these were tough, firm nibs particularly suited for use with carbon paper.  As National Security were owned by British carbon Papers Ltd. it is highly likely that this nib was requested in the the original specification for the pen.

The condition of the pen is outstanding.  It is solid and robust and the comparatively tough Gold nib makes it a good candidate as an interesting and unusual every day writer, despite its great age.