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Parker 45 Flighter De Luxe GT

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The Parker 45 Flighter was added to the range in 1964 and the Flighter De Luxe GT, this 'top end' pen, came along in 1970. 

The pen features a Gold filled clip, cap stud, clutch ring, and, most strikingly, a Gold filled end piece to the barrel.  It also has a 14Ct, Gold nib which writes extremely well with a smooth, medium line.

The pen is in mint condition with very few signs of use.  The brushed steel finish shows no wear and the plastic section shows no distortion, a common flaw in the Parker 45.

An original ink converter is fitted allowing use with bottled ink if preferred to using ink cartridges.

The Parker presentation case is in good condition.

The Parker 45 Flighter is just about as indestructible as a fountain pen gets.  This De Luxe GT version is not at all common, one in such excellent condition could serve to complete a collection of 45s , it would also make a first rate, reliable and robust every day pen.