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Parker 45 'Jet Flighter' set. Brand new old stock.

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The Parker 45, named after the Colt 45 handgun, was introduced in 1960.  In 1964 an all metal, much more expensive model, the 'Flighter' was added to the range. 

The original Parker 45 Flighters were not actually 'all metal' as the 'tassie' on the end of the barrel was plastic so in 1969 this was replaced with a metal Chrome plated version, the 'Jet Flighter', this set.  It remained in production until 1979.

The set is in mint condition, uninked and unused. The brushed steel and Chrome show no wear or shrinkage to the section, a common flaw with this pen.  The pen is fitted with the original steel nib with a medium point.  The ballpoint pen is fitted with a new refill as the original will have dried over the last sixty years.

The pen is a cartridge/converter filler, it is supplied in all its original packing along with an ink cartridge.  The outer sleeve shows a little age discoloration along one edge but it also has a sticker clearly associating the box with the set and identifying it as a 'Jet Flighter' set.
The box is a metal presentation case with a brown fabric covering and a tray fitted to hold the pens securely in place.

Very much underrated, and undervalued, the Parker 45 Flighter is just about as indestructible as a fountain pen can be.  It is also extremely practical so it would make a great every day vintage writer.