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Unique Junior Fountain Pen

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The Unique Junior pen was made until around the mid 1950s. Some were used to commemorate the coronation in 1953 and the company ceased production in 1958.

This is an excellent example, it is finished in red/burgundy with a Gold plated trim.  The body and cap have a good finish with no shrinkage, chips, or scratches and a sharp. clear imprint. The Gold plate has held up reasonably well.

I believe the pen has been recently fitted with a new ink sac as it fills as it should.  The two tone Unique nib is really good, it writes with a very smooth and consistent fine to medium line.

The design is typical of an English made lever filling fountain pen of the 1940/50s although who actually made the Unique pens is something of a mystery.  Some earlier examples are stamped 'Waterman's Unique Pen' but there are some striking similarities to other, less well known manufacturers' offerings

Whatever the origins this particular pen has survived very well.  It would make a great every day vintage user, particularly as it writes so effortlessly.