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Waterman's 515

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The Waterman's 515 is an unusually large pen.  It was made, in the U.K. around 1946, many years before the similar W5 model.  It is distinguished from the later model by its single wide cap band and No. 5 nib, the W5 has a triple cap band and a W5 nib.

This is a fine example of a waterman's 515 in classic black.  It has been fully restored and is in excellent condition.  It has a very good surface with a 'Waterman's' imprint, although this pen is not stamped '515'.

The 14 Ct. Gold Waterman's no. 5 nib writes well with a medium to broad line.  Whilst not strictly a flexible nib a little line variation is available to give character.  Someone with a decent 'hand' would probably enjoy this pen.