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Waterman's Emblem, or is it the 100 year pen, or both.

Posted by Kevin Randle on

This is a lovely big, handsome pen in Black with Gold trim.  At 16 cm. posted it doesn't sound that big, but it is quite 'fat' and it has a huge nib which adds to the feeling of an unusually large pen.  It has a box lever filler and what is often called an 'art deco' clip with that big nib that just says 'Waterman Emblem Pen'.  Its a super writer, flexing from fine to broad, and very smooth. 

There is no barrel imprint but it says 'Waterman's made in U.S.A.' on the cap.  I don't think it ever had a barrel imprint, I mean that I don't think it's been 'polished off' by an over enthusiastic 'restorer' at some time.  It came to me in good nick, just a clean and a bit of Renaissance wax needed.

An interesting thing about this pen is how it got the name.  Waterman were making a pen that they named the '100 year pen', and advertising it as guaranteed for a century.  For some reason, in 1943, the American Trade Commission decided that such long warranties were illegal and banned the use of the name and the advert.  Waterman were not best pleased and objected but eventually had to stop using the 100 year name and renamed the pen the 'Emblem'.  This pen was therefore made as a 100 year pen but called an Emblem so it could claim to be either or both.  As it says Emblem on the nib I suppose that's what it is.  Either way it is a big fat handsome pen and I love it.


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