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Vintage Pencils

Vintage pencils are often antique items.  A general rule on the two terms is that if an object is over 100 years old it is antique and a vintage item is not less than twenty years old.   This means that an antique item is always vintage but a vintage item is not necessarily antique.

Vintage pencils are, in many ways, an ideal collectable item.  They are easy to store and post and are relatively easy to find at antique fairs, pen shows, and online. 

Quality, materials used, and subsequently price varied a great deal so a collection to suit your budget is attainable.   A Sampson Mordan may set you back well over £100 but a very nice Eversharp may be a fraction of this. Researching a pencil is a rewarding glimpse back in time, but beware of the 'time dilation effect' which any pen collector is very familiar with.