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Parker Lady model comparison

The Parker Lady aerometric filler was part of the U.K. Duofold line from 1958 until around 1971.  There were three main versions along with a transitionary model made only in 1968.  In order of appearence the pens were: Parker Lady Duofold, Parker Lady '17', Parker Lady Standard (transition), Parker Lady Standard.

Parker LadyThe pens are shown above, and in the other photos, in descending order, with the earliest pen at the top.

The original Parker Lady, the Lady Duofold, had a rounded end to the barrel and a decorated cap band.  It was made from 1958 until 1964.  It had a screw cap and a similar appearence, when capped, to the rest of the U.K. Duofold family.

The Lady '17', made from 1964 until 1968, was the same length as the original but it had a squared off barrel end and a flattened cap stud securing the clip. The cap band was plain and the cap was now a push fit. It was, in effect, a smaller version of the Parker '17'.

In 1968 the pen was slightly lengthened to produce the Parker Lady Standard, the barrel was also slimmer.  The barrel was not imprinted but the cap now had 'Parker' just above the cap ring.  The clip was the same as the Parker Lady '17'.  Later in the same year the clip was changed to a Parker 45 clip, so this  is a transitional pen.

The Parker Lady Standard, the bottom photograph, was the last of the Parker Ladies and was unchanged until production of the Parker Lady ceased in the early 1970s. It featured the Parker 45 style clip and was inscribed 'Parker' just above the cap band which was now placed at the very end of the cap and overlapped to the inside of the cap.

The photograph below shows the changes in the cap:

When the uncapped pens are compared it is apparent the the change in capped length is largely due to the length, and positioning, of the cap.  The difference in design of the original and subsequent models is quite marked, note the threads for the screw cap and the more rounded 'Duofold' shape.

It is also clear that the barell is slimmer and more tapered on the bottom two models, the Lady Standard, compared to the similar Lady '17'.

In terms of performence there is really very little difference in all the Ladies, all have Gold nibs, a number 4, and the same filling system.  However, due to the shorter section and the screw threads the Lady Duofold has a different feel.

The Parker Lady is a good pen and is much underated, particularly if the price is compared to that of any modern Gold nibbed pen.  Because it was ony made in 4 colours, with 3 main variants a full collection consists of only 12 pens.  The Lady Insignia, a very attractive Gold filled version, was, I believe, only made in the original Parker Lady Duofold version.