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Croxley Pen

Posted by Kevin Randle on

I finally got back to restoring the Croxley pen mentioned in my last post.  It really went quite well, the pen came to bits relatively easily, sometimes the section can get stuck after about 60 odd years in one place but it came off after some gentle heat with the hairdryer.  I left the nib and feed in position, it was well aligned and allowed water to pass through it easily.  I must get one of those bulb things, at the moment I just blow mouthfuls of water through the section.  After a good clean in the ultrasonic bath I checked that all was well and gave everything a good hand clean and a polish with Renaissance wax, fitted a new sac and put it all back together.  It writes beautifully, or it would do if I could write, the nib has loads of flex.   All in all I'm very pleased with it, it's a good solid chunky and good looking pen that does what it should do very well.


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