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Myers Supa Pen, a 'Supa' flexible nib.

Posted by Kevin Randle on

The Myers Supa pen is a very interesting old pen in that it doesn't look that old, at first glance.  The main reason for this is, I think, that it is made of chrome plated metal.  If it were Black hard rubber you would immediately say it looks like a nineteen twenties pen.  It is a chrome plated cylindrical tube with a nib section, lever system and cylindrical push fit cap.  It resembles a slimmed down early Sheaffer no-nonsense pen in some respects.  The really great thing about this pen is how it writes, or would do in more capable hands.  The nib flexes to quite broad with very little pressure, at the moment I'm tinkering with the ink flow, it is drying up now and again, can't figure out why yet. 


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