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A Dip Pen and Pencil set.

Posted by Kevin Randle on

One of the attractions of collecting vintage pens is that they evoke a connection with the past.  Occasionally one comes along that carries a tantalising hint of it's own history, often in the form of a name or dedication on the pen or the box, this is such an item:

Dip Pen

Although the set may not quite live upto the name 'Very Best Make', it is of good quality and is in excellent condition.  

Dip Pen

The set would, I believe, have been made at a time when dip pens were still in widespread use, perhaps late 19th century.  

I bought the set some years ago, I must admit that I was as attracted to the message on the box as much as I was to the set.  It conjured up an image of two Victorian spinsters, Kathleen and Bessie, exchanging gifts on some special occasion. 
Bessie would not, in my imagination, be from the most affluent level of society, as she went for 'The Best Make' set to give, but certainly not without a reasonable income.
The light pencil marks on the box suggests that Kathleen used the pencil and replaced it after use, there are no ink stains so maybe the pen remained unused.
I have the notion that Kathleen and Bessie were sisters, cousins, or close friends.
I hope Kathleen was pleased with her gift, it certainly gives me pleasure and it will remain in my 'keeper drawer' for the forseeable future.








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