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A vintage fountain pen poem, AI generated.

Posted by collectablepens . on

It's hard to ignore artificial intelligence these days, so I thought I'd put it to the test.  I entered 'Poem about vintage fountain pens' into an AI server and it immediately came back with:

In days of old, when words were bold,

And pens were made with care,

The fountain pen was king of all,

And none could quite compare.


Its nib was smooth as silk it seemed,

As thoughts flowed to the page,

Ink spilling forth like liquid dreams,

A timeless, handwritten age.


The barrel, oft adorned with gems,

Or polished to a sheen,

Its curves and lines a work of art,

A vintage pen, supreme.


With every stroke, a story told,

A journey through the past,

A testament to time and craft,

That we can hold, at last.


Though technology may now reign,

And screens our thoughts record,

The fountain pen still holds its place,

A treasure to be adored.


So let us honor those who made,

These pens of days gone by,

And cherish every stroke we take,

As we watch our words come alive.


Not too shabby, I thought.


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