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A Wahl Art Deco All Metal Pen

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In 1921 the Wahl company produced their first self filling pen under their own name, the Wahl All Metal Fountain Pen, stamped simply 'Whal Pen'.  Contemporary lever fillers, having a metal casing, were made by overlaying the metal on to a hard rubber pen, but Wahl, largely because of their vast experience in working metal, were able to dispose of the hard rubber and build an all metal case.

Wahl All Metal Pen

The pens were not only lighter than those of their competitors but were also stronger and allowed more room inside the barrel for a larger ink sac.

The patterns were engine turned and given names, sometimes a little obscure.  The pattern on this ringtop pen, for example, was called 'Unique' from 1921 to 1924 and chnged to 'Check' in 1925.

The pen was a probably made as a 'ladies' version, although it was not marked or marketed as such at the time.  The capped length is 9.4 cm., excluding the ring, and grows to a very usable 12.8cm. when posted.

The Wahl Pen was introduced when the Art Deco movement was flourishing and ceased production at around the same time that the movement was losing influence in 1929.





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