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A Wyvern 'Combina'.

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Wyvern were one of the few English pen makers to produce a combination pen, the combination being a fountain pen and a mechanical pencil in one body.  the americans were quite keen on theae but they never really caught on in the U.K.

This is a quite robust and good sized affair made around 1920.

Not the prettiest writing device I've ever seen but it is was really quite practical at a time when handwritin gand sketching played a more important part in peoples' lives than it does today.  I can imagine a busy 1920s technocrat using one of these, the pen for writing notes and the pencil for sketching ideas.

I'ts made of black chased hard rubber, the pattern was machine engraved or 'engine turned' onto lengths of hard rubber tubing which was drilled from rod stock.

It's a rare item, I've never seen another one, although I have owned a number of American 'combos'.

At over 6 1/2 inces when posted it's a long and very 'tactile' item.



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