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New Parker 51 reimagined.

Posted by Kevin Randle on

I couldn't resit, although I did try, buying a 'New Parker 51' or 'Parker 51 reimagined' as they are often referred to:

New Parker 51


Despite the screw thread, shiny cap, and modern arrow clip the overall likeness to the original is quite strong.  Not so 'in the hand', it just doesn't feel like a Parker 51.

But, in fairness, if compared to the host of other '51 clones' it is a winner, and so it should be.  It is, after all, made by Parker.

New Parker 51

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  • Dear Kevin
    I have quite a few 51s although my newest dates from 1957. I don’t own a new 51 but I have used one and I agree with you that compared to other lookalike 51s it’s definitely got the Parker quality. Sadly in my opinion I think Parker have done the original 51s a bit of a disservice, but that is only my opinion. I hope you enjoy your new pen and it gives you years of loyal service

    Sean Hardcastle on

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