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Noodler's Nib Creaper

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The Noodler's Nib Creaper is a medium sized piston filling pen with a steel semi flex nib. 

This pen is the third Nib Creaper I have bought, not because I was unhappy with the others, exactly the opposite.  My daughter is keen on calligraphy and really liked the Nib Creaper so I gave it to her as a present and bought another pen.  Shortly after my son's partner, who is a writer took a fancy to the pen for signing copies of her latest book so I gave that pen away and have just taken delivery of this pen.

I bought the pens from Pure Pens online at:

Pure Pens | Online Specialist Pen Shop UK

They have a full range of Noodler's pens, this one is a nib Creaper in 'Green mountain.  It is a genuine piston filler, rather than a pen with a piston filling converter fitted.  There is an ink window at the end of the barrel so you are never 'caught short' of ink. 



The nib is a proportionately sized steel affair that is simply stamped 'Noodlers Ink Co.', it matches the chrome trim perfectly.

So,why would anyone buy, three times,  a no frills, no nonsense, very modestly priced, steel niibed pen when a 'full bling' Chinese job is available for even a little less money?

Tha answer, of course, is the way it writes, and that is, after all, what a fountain pen is all about.

I should mention that I am left handed and have 'natural' handwriting that is nothing short of criminal.  In an attempt to improve matters I have tried to adopt a right handed 'approach' by leaning the pen forward and dragging the pen as a right hander would do.  This is a work in progress and my writing is still pretty horrible but miles better than it was.

I do use vintage pens regularly, but find the Nib Creaper more forgiving than most.  It has a small, but very pleasing amount of flex and just the right amount of feedback to let you know you are using a fountain pen.  I'm sure someone with a half decent 'hand' would enjoy the pen.


I have no affiliation with Pure Pens of any kind but thought, as they keep me supplied Noodlers pens and offer such a good service that they should get a mention.




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