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Noodler's Nib Creaper, well worth a mention.

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I bought a Noodler's 'Nib Creaper' in Black about three years ago, out of interest really.  At under £15 I didn't expect much but was very pleasantly surprised and I've used it hundreds of times since.

My preferred 'Daily writer' is a Parker 51 but I have found myself turning to this pen more often of late.  There are two main reasons.  Firstly, although my handwriting is still dire I am trying to improve it and the flex offered by the Nib Creaper gives more encouragement.  Secondly the pen cost so little that I can treat it accordingly.  That is not to say I abuse the pen but can happily stuff it in a pocket or drop it in the side pocket in the car etc. with gay abandon.  I wouldn't do that to a Parker 51.

The pen is a real piston filler, not a converter, it works smoothly and takes a reasonable amount of ink, mine has never leaked.

The nib is steel, medium point, and has a really nice flex, not a lot but very easy and pleasant to use.  I think it fits squarely into the 'semi flexible' classification. The pen is 13.3 cm. capped and 13.8 cm. posted, a comfortable if not excessive size.  It has a chrome cap band and clip which carries the 'Noodler's Ink' name.

At £13.99 from a number of online outlets the pen is about the same price as a Parker Vector.  There is nothing wrong with a Vector as a low price fountain pen, of course, but the Noodlers pen offers a piston filler and a really nice semi flex nib. 

If you wanted to go up market a bit there is also the Noodler's Ahab, at around £20 you get the same works but in a bigger, flashier pen.  The Ahab is a huge 17cm. posted, a giant of a pen.




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