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Parker New Slimfold

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The Parker New Slimfold is a little odd in that it bears little resemblance to the Parker Slimfold but a quite strong resemblance to the Parker 45:
The New Slimfold, top picture, is slightly shorter than the 45, this one is a late GT version.  The 45 was also available in Gold trim.
When posted the two pens are about the same length:
The most significant difference in the two models is that the New Slimfold has a screw cap whilst the 45 is a push fit.  The New Slimfold had one less part, the clutch ring, than the 45.  This may have been because Parker thought a screw cap would be more appealing, although it could have been cheaper to machine the threads than produce the clutch ring.
The nib assembly is identical in the two pens.  Disassembly for cleaning is simply a matter of unscrewing the black collar to remove the nib and feed.  This is very handy when changing ink colour:
From the above picture it can be seen that the 45 has a longer section and a correspondingly longer cap.
The New Slimfold had a much shorter production run than the 45, a mere 4 years compared to 47 years for the 45, consequently it is a far less common pen.  The New Slimfold GT featured here is the latest version of the Gt, it has a Gold filled barrel end.  It was only made for a couple of years so is quite rare. 
So, the comparisons out of the way what is the new slimfold like?  A cartridge/converter filler, it is certainly a very practical pen, this configuration has stood the test of time and is now by far the most popular option for new pens.  Despite the name it is not a particularly slim pen and is perhaps a trifle shorter than the average modern pen.
The pen is quite robust and has a solid feel, the terminal cap ring prevents any cracking of the cap lip, a very common fault with the original pen bearing ther Slimfold name.
The 14 Ct. Gold nib performs very well indeed, it is smooth in use and has a very pleasing 'soft' feel.  It is a very 'easy' writer.
The Parker New slimfold was produced between 1971 and 1975 so it certainly qualifies as a vintage fountain pen.  When it was designed the 'business end' had been in production for over a decade and would continue until 2007, when the 45 was finally laid to rest.  This speaks volumes for the efficiency of the system.
Finally, it is interesting to note that new pens sporting a Gold nib start at over £100, the Parker New slimfold is a great alternative.


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