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Parker Premier de Luxe

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The Parker Premier is no more.  After about 70 years and 3 distinct pens with the 'Premier' name Parker has continued to slim down the range and axed the Premier.

The original 'thrift time' or 'depression' version, produced from 1932 to 1934, was an attracive, functinal, but britttle pen that did not last well.

The second Parker Premier was altogether a different story, it was a very high specification luxury update to the Parker 75.  It was made from 1983 to 1992 in a variety of very attractive finishes, such as this 'Chinese Lacquer' version:

Parker Premier De Luxe

The final, perhaps, version of the Premier sat at the top of the parker range with the Premier De Luxe GT in prime position:

Parker Premier De Luxe

This particular variant was only made for a short time as a fountain pen around 2012.  It was fully 23Ct. Gold plated and featured a most spectacular 18Ct. Gold nib, this one with Rhodium highlights:

Parker Premier De Luxe

The current high end of the Parker range now only consists of the Duofold, the Sonnet and, arguably, the Gold nibbed version of the 'New Parker 51'.  For sheer opulence and quality it seems that the Parker Premier De Luxe with Gold trim has them all beat.





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