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Pen Restoration Tools 4, Abraders.

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Ideally a conservative pen restorer should have very little, if any, use for abraders.  In practice it is quite different.  When dealing with a pen that a previous owner has inexpertly repaired or needs a certain type of repair it is often necessary to use an abrasive technique.

If, however, a 'showroom finish, is the aim or the pen has deep scratches or dentition marks that need to be removed then an 'abrasive technique' is unavoidable.

It is up to the restorer to decide what level of restoration is appropriate with respect to the surface of the pen body and the general condition of the pen. However most restorers will have at their disposal:

Needle Files. ( Several shapes)

Abrasive sticks. 

Micromesh sheets. (about grade 1500 to 12000.)

Light abrasive polish / metal polish.



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