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Platignum Senior pen restoration

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Thr Platignum Senior is a stud filler made around the late 1940s.  As it's name suggests, it is quite a long and substantial pen with a posted length of a little over six inches.

The first step in the restoration, removing the nib section, proved a little awkward as the section had been well and truly glued in place.  A number of gentle heat treatments, using a hairdryer, and a lot of patience finally did the job.

As expected, the old ink sac had solidified and came out fairly easily, more or less in one piece.  The filler 'stud' is made of plastic so care was needed not to break or distort it when removing from the barrel, again patience was the key.

The pressure bar was corroded so a new one was sourced, not difficult as it was a standard size.  The nib and feed were removed as the feed, a transparent plastic, required a little straightening. I think it is a type of thermoplastic as it quickly set into position when it was cooled after resetting with gentle heat.

After fitting a new ink sac and the section the pressure bar was inserted through the hole in the top of the barrel, a little 'fiddly' as the angle of insertion is quite narrow.  The stud clicked back into place quite easily.

The filling system works very well and the steel nib is surprisingly smooth. It is definitely one of the better Platignums and was well worth restoring. 


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