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Pocket Pens

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The term 'Pocket Pen' is slightly confusing as, it could be argued, that any pen with a clip is designed to fasten to a pocket so is, almost by definition, a pocket pen.

This is not merely a semantic issue though.  The fact is that many pens were much longer than the average pocket and a true 'pocket sized pen' was likely to be too short to appeal to a wide market.

The ingenious solution, pioneered by the Japanese company, Pilot, was to make a pen with a very long cap and section, which would 'overlap' when capped, and a short barrel for posting the pen for use.  Another Japanese company, Platinum, jumped in quickly with their version:

Pocket Pen
Pocket Pen
Pocket Pen

Pilot clearly had faith in their pocket pen offering, it was fitted with an 18 Ct. Gold nib with at least eight different profiles, this one is a manifold, extra fine.




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