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The Cameron pen, an update.

Posted by Kevin Randle on

I recently wrote about a MacNiven & Cameron 'The Cameron Pen', dating from around 1912.  The pen is, essentially, a bulb filler but it originally had two metal bars that were used to compress the sac, much like a modern 'aerometric' affair.  I have now finished work on the pen but am still unable to source the filler bars, but I live in hope.

The Cameron Pen

It's a hard rubber pen, in outstanding condition, with no signs of oxidation, it must have been kept in the dark for most of its life.  It uses a full length ink sac so all of the the whole pen is used for ink storage, although complete filling is another matter.

The pen was offered with a choice of four nibs, this pen has the  'Hindoo' nib.  

Hindoo nib

It's quite a large, elaborate 14 Ct. gold affair, with a separate, patented overfeed strip along the top which keeps the nib supplied with ink when flexed.  It writes with a broad line and a good amount of flex:

Hindoo nib





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