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The ugliest pen ever, perhaps!

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I saw this for sale recently and remembered an article by Deb Gibson, in her excellent 'Goodwriters Pen' blog.  I thought it was, perhaps a couple of years ago but it was, actually, April 2014! How time flies.  Deb was less than complimentary about the pen, so much so that I decided, at the time, that I had to have one for my 'odd pen collection'.  So, nine years later....

Here it is:

I'm so pleased that I managed to snag a fountain pen/ballpoint set, I think that, for sheer awfullness, the ballpoint comes out on top.

The pens are machined from solid brass pipe with a gun metal finish.  They are squat, short, fat things that show no semblance of thoughtful pen design.  Even the maker must have disowned the pens at birth, there no makers mark on either pen or on the box.

The only clue to origin is the nib, it says 'Iridium Point', which means it was almost certainly made in China.

The fountain pen weighs in at 50g. and the ballpoint 55g. In comparison, the largest fountain pen I have to hand, a Mabie Todd Swan 4460 tips the scales at 16.5g.

There are five rubber rings inset just above the gripping section.  Predictably, these serve no purpose as it is very uncomfortable to use them for gripping the pen.

On reflection, I think I have seen uglier pens but never one that places such emphasis on 'ostentatious horribleness'.



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