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Who collects Platignum Pens?

Posted by Kevin Randle on

Well, I do for one!  I know they have a less than glowing reputation and are of little value but, during the 1950s and early 1960s the Platignum fountain pen had a huge following in the U.K.

I'm under no illusions about the value of my collection of Platignums, should it be 'Platignae', but have an attraction to the brand based on pure nostalgia.

If you had just started secondary school in the 1950s and were from the so-called 'working class', then there is a very good chance that your parents would equip you with a Platignum.  During my less than illustrious  school career I probably had more than a dozen or so, I promptly broke, or lost them all.  I've made up for it since, I have loads of them, all in good working condition.

This is a triple set, comprising fountain pen, ballpoint, and pencil.  Given the condition, I don't think it belonged to a child.

Platignum Pen Set
Platignum Pen Set


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