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Aikin Lambert/Waterman's Skywriter. 1936.

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Aikin Lambert, pen makers since 1890, formed  a close association with Waterman in the early 1900s and were eventually taken over around 1930.  They continued to produce pens under the 'ALCO' name for a few years as the Waterman 'ALCO division'.

This pen is a first edition 'Skywriter' pen, it carries a clear barrel imprint:


Manufactured in Canada by

ALCO Division

L.E. Waterman Co. Limited.

This style of Art Deco clip featured in the 1936 catalogue but had changed in the 1937 catalogue to a plainer clip without the finely engraved lines.

Finished in a striking dark/royal blue swirl pattern, it is in superb condition with few signs of use.  The Gold filling to the clip, lever, and double cap bands is similarly pristine.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested. The lever filling system works well and the 14 Ct. Gold ALCO nib writes with a smooth, firm medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side, it is a very 'easy' writer.  At a most impressive 16.3 cm. in length when posted it is an extremely long, well balanced pen.

After the demise of the ALCO division, Waterman continued to use the 'Skywriter' name for a quite different pen of much lower quality than this original. 

Early ALCO Skywriters are not at all easy to find and an example in such fine condition and unusual colour comes along very rarely.