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Boxed set of 4 Sterling Silver Bridge Pencils.

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A set of Silver bridge pencils was a highly desirable item in the days when a social get together may well involve a game of contract bridge.  Scoring involved a fair amount of writing and, although any pencil would suffice, there were also a few 'social standing' points to be had by owning a set of dedicated pencils, preferably in solid Silver.

The design of bridge pencils changed very little over the decades but the style and quality of the box suggests a fairly early date, perhaps 1930s, for this set.

The pencils are decorated with an engine turned ' barleycorn' pattern and are stamped 'Made in England' 'Sterling Silver'.  The lead is extended by turning the coloured section to expel the lead with a manual retract, one of the pencilshas a missing chatellaine ring.

The box is clearly the correct one for the set the recesses are of square profile to fit the pencils.  It is in very good condition with sound hinges and a button closure.