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Burnham 48 Fountain Pen

Regular price £30.00

The Burnham 48, this model with a 'cowled clip,' was produced in the early 1950s.

Harry Burnham started the Burnham pen company, in England, around 1920 and it produced a great variety of fountain pens until it folded in the 1960s, partly because of the infamous 'ballpoint effect'. 

The pen has been restored and tested.  A new ink sac was fitted as the original had deteriorated with age.  It is finished in an attractive marbled grey/ brown colour, originally with Gold plated trim.  There are a couple of hairline cracks to the cap lip extending only to the cap band and this is reflected in the price.  The Gold trim has not survived , it was never a thick Gold fill and it wears thin fairly quickly.   

The nib is the original Burnham Gold plated B45 steel nib with a medium point.  The Gold plating has worn and there is a small area of pitting.

The pen fills well and writes with a smooth, firm, medium to broad line.  At 13.1cm. capped and 15.5cm. posted it is a large well balanced pen and a very comfortable, easy writer.
Burnham pens have a significant place in English fountain pen history.  This example would make an excellent every day vintage writer.