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Burnham 55 in Black.

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The Burnham 55 is one of the larger Burnhamm pens, made in the late 1940s into the 1950s. 

Finished in black, with Gold plated trim, this is an exceptional example.  The black finish is excellent and the Gold trim has held up very well, unusual in Burnham pens. The barrel imprint is clear, identifying the pen as a 'Burnham No. 55 England', many of the '55 sized' pens are not numbered on the imprint.

The pen has been restored and tested, the lever filling system works well and the 14Ct. Gold Phillips Oxford nib has some flex.  A person with a decent 'hand' could produce impressive results.

R.C. Phillips produced a full range of high quality nibs made for specific models in the 1940s and 50s.  Many manufactures used Phillips nibs on new pens at some period and, as the makers fell into decline, largely due to the onslaught of the ballpoint, Phillips took over the servicing contracts and fitted their own nibs as replacements.

At an impressive 15.5 cm. when posted and with a proportionate girth, the Burnham No. 55 is a large, well balanced and high quality pen.  It is one of the less common Burnhams, not at all easy to find in such outstanding condition.