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Burnham 'Orchid Efficiency' pencil

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'Burnham Orchid Efficiency' was the name given, I think, to a range of Burnham pencils sold as single pencils, rather than as part of a set', in the 1940s.

The pencil, finished in marbled green is in mint condition throughout and appears to be unused.  The marbled surface is unmarked, the gold plating has held up very well and the eraser looks unused.  There are some  spare leads in the barrel but, as the eraser has hardened through age and is quite brittle, I have not attempted to remove it to access the lead.  They can be heard rattling if the pencil is shaken.

The box has a scribble on the bottom but is in sound condition, as is the instruction leaflet, which describes how to operate the pencil and fit new lead.