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Burnham Pencil in Marbled Pearl Green

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Harry ( Henry Frederick Charles) Burnham founded the Burnham Pen company, in England, around 1920 and it produced a great variety of pens and pencils until it ceased trading in the mid 1960s, partly due to the lingering pressure from the ballpoint industry.

This pencil was made around the end of the 1940s, when Burnham were well established and doing quite well from their own pens and also from production of pens branded for major retailers, notably 'Boots'.

The pencil is finished in a very attractive green and pearl marble with two Gold filled rings, clip, and cone.  It is in first rate condition, the surface is unmarked with a deep shine and the Gold fill has held up well.  The only sign that the pencil has been used is the wear to the eraser, which is accessed by unscrewing the cap.  It has clearly been well cared for.

The pencil operates by turning the cone to expel and retract the lead, which can be loaded from this end.  The mechanism is smooth and efficient.

Mechanical pencils are undergoing a resurgence at the moment with models ranging from a few pounds to many hudreds, a vintage pencil such as this is an interesting alternative.