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Concertina Filling French Compact Fountain Pen

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The concertina, or accordion type filling system was patented by Stylomine in the early 1930s and was most often found in French made pens until the patent expired in the 1950s.  This pen came to me with a group of lesser known pens, all of French origin. 

This is a small, unnamed pen featuring a version of concertina filler with a transparent filler button allowing the ink level to be monitored.  It is identical to the filler found in the Swan Vis-o-Fil V, albeit smaller.

Finished in opalescent pearl marbled pink with Gold filled clip and bands, it is a most unusual and remarkably attractive pen.    

At 11.2 cm. capped it is significantly longer than the Conway Stewart Dinkie, the difference being less pronounced when posted.  It would probably qualify as, what is now known as, a 'pocket pen'.  It is quite comfortable in use when the cap is posted.

The pen is in first class condition and may well be unused.  The ink sac had hardened with age, so has been replaced, but no other work was needed. The surface is excellent and the gold filling is of good quality.   The filler button has retained its transparency and is a convenient way to check ink levels.

The nib, which appears to be gold plated, is straight and well aligned.  It writes well, delivering a firm, fine line.