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Conklin Crescent filler. Original pen from 1917.

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The Conklin Crescent filler was patented in 1901 and continued until 1930.  The 'Mooney Clip', as on this pen, was patented in 1918.  As this clip is marked 'Patent Pending', and the patent was applied for in 1917, the pen can be acurately dated to 1917.

At 13.5 cm. capped, and a huge 17.4 cm. posted this is a '2NL' model, as stamped on the end of the barrel.  Made in Black Chased Hard Rubber (BCHR), the pen shows some brown patina, but the surface is excellent.  The chasing is still clear and the barrel imprint is legible, it reads:

Conklin Self Filling Pen
Non Leakable
Toledo U.S.A.
Pat Mch.17.01 Oct. 29.0 Dec.1.03


The crescent itself is printed on one side only, consistent with the date of the pen. It reads:

Crescent Filler
Trade Mark


The cap, a smooth screw fit, carries the 'Mooney Clip', patented by Frank Mooney in 1918.  The clip operates by pressing the top of the clip to open it, allowing the pen to be secured to a shirt or jacket pocket.  The clip on this pen works well and the Gold plate is in excellent condition.  It is clearly stamped 'Patent Pending'.

The pen has been fully restored and tested.  The crescent filler is delightfully simple to use and is very efficient.  The 14Ct. Gold No.2 Conklin Toledo nib is the correct one for the pen and is in excellent conditioon.  There is also a '0' stamped on the nib which is, presumably, the code for a fine point.  It writes with a fine to medium line with a little flex.

The pen has been fully restored, it was completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, checked and fitted with a new ink sac.

The original Conklin Crescent filler is a very hard pen to find, particularly an 'all correct' one in such good condition.  It is a unique design and has a great deal of character and prestige.