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Conway Stewart 388 in Black

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The Conway Stewart 388, introduced in 1939, is now one of the less familiar Conway pens of the period.  The triple cap bands signify a higher end pen.

This is a super example, it has an excellent finish and clear barrel imprint.  The Gold filling on the clip and triple cap bands is in very good order.  The cap is a smooth and secure screw fit, tightening with one and a quarter turns.

The pen has been fully restored and tested.  The lever filling system works very well and the 14 Ct. Gold nib writes with a firm, fine line.  It would be well suited to someone with a small 'hand' or for more detailed work.

At 16 cm. well over 6 inches in length, when posted for use, this is an extremely long and elegant pen.  It is light in weight, well balanced, and has a definite high quality feel.  The combination of classic black with gold filling and the clean lines give the pen a very distinguished 'presence'.