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Conway Stewart 388 in Marbled Green

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The Conway Stewart 388 was made, in England, from 1939 until around 1955.  The pen remained unchanged during this period but from 1939 to 1950 it was stamped as 'The Conway Stewart 338' and from 1950 to 1955 the stamp was changed to 'Conway Stewart 388' as on this pen.

The pen has been restored and tested, it is in excellent working condition throughout.  At 12.7 cm. capped and a most impressive 15.8 cm. when posted for use it is a long elegant pen.

A lever filler, it features a 'lock down' system, the lever clicks securely into place when closed rather than relying on the ink sac keeping the lever in position.  A new ink sac was fitted and the pen fills well and takes up a good volume of ink.

The original 14Ct. Gold nib writes with a smooth medium line.  It has a 'soft feel' and just a suggestion of flex, enough to give a little character to the writing in the right hands.  Apologies for the use of green ink with the green pen, I just can't help it!

The box is new and unbranded but will serve well for protection, transport, and display.

The Conway Stewart 388 is a fine example of an English made lever filling pen.  The marbled green colour of this pen is less common than the other marbled colours, perhaps because green was still considered, by those of a superstitiuos nature, to be unlucky.  a high quality pen with an excellent pedigree, it would make a first class vintage daily writer.