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Conway Stewart 475

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Conway Stewart 475

This version of the Conway Stewart 475, also named 'The Conway Pen' was made from 1937 until the early 1940s.  A classic English made lever filling fountain pen of high quality, this example is finished in Black and has a 14Ct. Gold Conway Stewart nib.  This pen has the larger numbering on the barrel indicating an early pen, probably 1930s. 

The pen has been restored and is in outstanding condition.  The surface is excellent and, although the gold fill has faded on the filling lever, it has held up reasonably well on the clip.  The imprint is sharp and clear and the screw cap is a secure fit.

At 16.3 cm., almost 6 1/2 inches, posted for use it is a very long, substantial, and well balanced pen with a most distinguished appearance. 

The pen fills well and the 14Ct. Gold nib suits the pen very well.  It writes with a smooth, broadish line with a slight amount of flex.  Someone with a decent, bold hand would produce very impressive results.