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Conway Stewart 479 Universal Pen

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The Conway Stewart Universal Pen No. 479  with a 'peaked' cap stud, this pen, was introduced in 1938.  It was one of the few models that Conway Stewart produced, in very limited numbers, during the severe restrictions placed on pen production by the war office during the early stages of world war 2, sometimes known as 'austerity pens'.  

The pen has been fully restored and is in remarkable condition throughout.  It has an excellent surface with a very sharp and clear barrel imprint:

The Universal Pen
Conway Stewart London
No. 479
Around the barrel the pen is also stamped:
Made in England
The Nickel plated 'diamond' clip and filler lever are also in good order.

The filling system was overhauled and a new ink sac fitted, the correct No.19 size.  This is a large sac that takes up a  good amount of ink.

The 14 Ct. Gold Conway Stewart nib is straight and well aligned.  It writes well, with a medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side.

At 13 cm. capped and a very impressive 16 cm. when posted for use the 479 is a very solid, large pen with a high quality feel and a classic vintage look.  It was produced in limited numbers annd is one of the less common Conway Stewarts, not easy to find in such excellent condition.