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Conway Stewart 75 in Pearl/Blue Marble

Regular price £70.00

The Conway Stewart 75, introduced around 1952, featured a nickel plated trim, making it a little less expensive than the gold trim models.  As it was exactly the same as the more expensive pens in terms of quality, it represented excellent value and sold well.

This is a fine example, finished in marbled pearl and blue, it is a most attractive, good sized, high quality english lever filler.  At 12.6 cm. capped and an impressive 15 cm,  6 inches, posted for use it is a substantial and well balanced pen.

The pen has been restored and tested.  It fills well, and the 14 Ct. gold Conway Stewart N0. 3 nib writes with a medium line with a good amount of flex.  Someone with a decent 'hand' would enjoy impressive results, the line variation adds character to the work.

The finish is excellent with a deep lustrous shine and a clear barrel imprint.  The trim is in good order and the cap secures with a smooth screw fit.

Conway Stewart are renowned as one of the finest English pen manufacturers and this pen demonstrates, even after around 70 years, that their reputation was well deserved.