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Conway Stewart 759 in Black

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The Conway  Stewart 759 pen, also called 'The Conway Pen',  was made in London during the late 1930s to early 1940s, the company producing a limited range of pens to enable them to also produce items needed for the war.  The style of the imprint identifies this as an early variant.

This is a fine example, finished in black with Gold filled trim and a 14Ct. Gold nib.  The pen, having  been fully restored and tested, is in excellent working condition.  A new ink sac was fitted, the old one was the original Conway Stewart sac, showing that this was the first restoration of the pen and that it has been unused for a few decades.  The pen has a first class finish with a very clear barrel imprint.

The pen fills well and the 14Ct Gold Conway Stewart nib has a good amount of flex.  It produces good line variation when used with care but can also write smoothly and quickly with a very light touch.

The original Conway Stewart box is in good condition and has the name of the owner, a Sgt. West, written in the lid along with his regiment the R.A.T.A.  The pen would have some tales to tell as the Royal Artillary Territorial Army was sent to fight in North Africa early in the war and most were captured at Tobruk.  

At 16.2cm., well over 6 inches in length, when posted for use, the Conway Atewart 759 is a long and elegant pen.  It is a classic English lever filler with a good pedigree and a great deal of prestige.