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Conway Stewart 84

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           Conway Stewart 84 

This English lever filling fountain pen was made between 1953 and about 1962.  Two versions of the Green marbled colour was produced, one being a 'standard' green and the other called 'Vivid Green' was much more, well, vivid.  This pen is the 'Vivid Green' variety, not often seen.

The pen has been fully restored and is in excellent condition throughout.  The colour is most striking, it has an excellent finish, and the Gold filling is in very good condition.  the barrel imprint clearly stated that the pen is a:

'Conway Stewart 84'

'Made in England'

The screw cap fitting is unusual in that it first clicks into place then tightens securely with a full turn.

The original Conway Stewart No.4 Gold nib is also clearly stamped as such and is 14 Ct. Gold, it writes with a smooth, medium line.

At 14.2 cm. in length when posted for use it is a good sized, well balanced pen with an unmistakable high quality feel.

A Vivid Green Conway Stewart 84 is not a common variety by any means and one in such remarkable condition is very hard to find.