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Conway Stewart 84 in Pearlescent Pink Marble

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The Conway Stewart 84 was made from 1952 until around 1950.  It was produced in Black and a variety of marbled colours, including this extremely attractive marbled pink and burgundy with a pearlescent finish.

At 12 cm. capped and 14.1 cm. posted it is a mid sized pen with a good girth, giving it a solid 'Chunky' feel.

The surface has a deep, vibrant shine, shows no scratches or other blemishes and has a clear barrel imprint.  The Gold filling to the lever, clip cap stud, and cap band is also in excellent condition.

The pen has been fully restored and tested.  The Conway Stewart 14 Ct. Gold No. 4 nib is quite unusual in that it has a broad, stub point.  The vertical strokes are broader than the horizontal ones with the diagonals somewhere between, this means that line variation can be achieved without having to exert pressure on the nib as when using a flexible nib.  With a little practice the nib will produce excellent results.  I'm afraid my poor scrawl does it no justice!

The Conway Stewart 84 is a high quality pen with great aesthetic appeal and an excellent pedigree.  This particular pen would really suit someone who derives pleasure from writing.