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Conway Stewart 85L in black

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The Conway Stewart 85L, made in England in the 1950s, is a very large and impressive pen.  The classic black and contrasting Gold filled trim give it a most distinguished appearance. 

This example has been fully restored and tested, it is in excellent working condition.  The filling system takes in a large volume of ink and the 14Ct. gold No.3 nib writes well with a good amount of flex.  Smeone with a decent 'hand' would certainly enjoy this pen.

The pen has an excellent surface with a clear barrel imprint and the Gold filling is similarly pristine.  The cap is a smooth screw fit, tightening with a complete turn to align the lever perfectly with the clip, a nice detail.

At 16cm. when posted it is a very long and well balanced pen with a substantial and comfortable feel, it is an 'easy' writer.

The ink sac that was removed from the pen was the original Conway Stewart sac showing that this was the first restoration of the pen about 70 years after it was produced. It had hardened to a solid tube showing that the pen had not been used for many years, probably decades. 

The box is new, it is of very high quality and will serve well for protection, transport, and display.  It suits the pen very well.

This 85L is a fine example of a high quality English lever filler.  With its large dimensions and classic colour combination along with a most prestigious name it is certainly a pen that 'makes a statement'.