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Conway Stewart Dandy 720 in hard rubber. 1930s.

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Coaway Stewart produced the Dandy 720 from 1933 to 1942, this is a clipless, hard rubber pen, probably from the mid to late 1930s.

The pen has been fully restored and tested, the hard rubber has retained its black, shiny surface and has a worn, but legible imprint.  The Gold plating on the lever and cap band is in excellent condition, it looks to be quite heavily plated.

The lever filling system works well and the Conway Stewart 14 Ct. gold no. 3N nib writes with a smooth medium line with a small, but pleasing amont of flex.  This is the correct, original nib for this model.

The Dandy was made at the same time as Conway Stewart were producing the Dinkie pen.  In this era certain pen models were produced specifically according to a gender based marketing model, it seems the Dinkie was a 'ladies pen' whilst the Dandy was aimed at men, the word 'dandy' meaning a smartly dressed and appearence concious man.  

The Dandy is a larger and more substantial pen than the Dinkie, as hown in the photographs.  When posted for use it is a respectable 133mm. in length with a barrel diameter of 11mm., it is a 'chunky' pen.

The Dandy is not a common pen by any means and the hard rubber version is really quite hard to find.  Although the pen functions very well it is probably not suitable as an 'every day user' to be carried around but would sit well in a collection or serve as an excellent 'signature pen'.