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Conway Stewart Duro-Point Pencil

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Conway Stewart used the name 'Duro-Point' for a range of mechanical pencils between 1933 and 1941, although output would have been severely curtailled during the last two years due to wartime restrictions on pen and pencil production.

At 12.8 cm. in length this is a full sized pencil.  It could be matched with a number of fountain pen models  to make a writing set or sold individually, Conway Stewart saw the individual sales as the major output for pencils.  The pencil is finished in blue marble  with two gold filled bands and diamond clip.  It has a first class surface, a clear barrel imprint and the Gold filling has held up very well..

The pencil is operated by turning the cap to extend and retract the lead.  The company had a special name for this shape of cap, it was called a 'chefs hat'.  The cap can be removed to reveal the eraser which can then be removed to access spare leads stored in the barrel.

The pencil is described as a 'Conway Stewart Duro-Point pencil in marbled blue with two gold rings separating a diamond clip from a chefs hat cap'. 

The pencil is well past it's eightieth birthday and is still going strong, it may well continue to do so for decades to come.