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Cross Century 1 Classic Black.

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The Cross Century first appeared as a pencil in 1946 and a ballpoint in 1953, the first Cross Century fountain pen version, Classic Black, this pen, was made in 1982.  The pen was made in the Cross factory at Ballinrasloe, County Galway, Ireland, 'Made in Ireland' is stamped on the cap.  The Irish branch opened in 1973 and ceased production around 2000.

The pen is in first class, unused condition throughout, and is complete with the original box, instruction leadlet, ink converter, and packet of six ink cartridges.

A long, slim pen, it is finished in matt black epoxy resin with Gold filled trim.  The style of the pen is quite distinctive, the Century design changed very little since the first pencils in 1946.  There is speculation that the nib was made by the Japanese pen maker, Pilot, it certainly bears a resemblance to some contemporary Pilot nibs and it was not unusual for manufacturers to outcource nib manufacture at the time. 

The Cross company transferred all its pen manufacture to China in 2006 and the bulk of the Cross line is now made up of cheaper, lower quality pens.  Original, vintage  Irish made pens, such as this, are by no means easy to find.