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Cross Solo Classic GT. 1990s.

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The Cross Solo, Gold trimmed Classic GT version, was a fairly short lived early 1990s pen, it was quickly replaced by a much less desirable matt black trimmed pen.

The pen was part of a small batch of new old stock pens, in totally mint condition, and has not been previously used, although I did fill it for testing purposes.  Sometimes new old stock pens don't write well but this one is a gem, it was throughly flushed and cleaned after testing.

The Solo does not follow the usual design of Cross pens, it is a totally different shape and is not of metal construction.  In size and shape the Solo is very similar to the contemporary Waterman Expert.

The common concensus is that the pen was made, for Cross, in Japan, most likely by Pilot.  Although this has yet to be verified, the high build quality, finish, and nib performance support this view.

The pen is finished in blue with a black section and end caps. The clip, cap band and nib are 23 Ct. Gold plated, a deeper yellow than the more usual 14Ct.  

At 14cm. capped and 15 cm. posted, the Solo is a good sized, slightly 'chunky' pen with a good balance and high quality feel.  It has an excellent finish, and Cross have helped preserve this by including a clutch ring at the end of the barrel which snaps into the cap when it is posted, thus preventing the cap rim from making contact with the barrel.  This is a 'high end' feature usually reserved for metal pens.

The Cross ink converter, supplied with the pen was fitted for testing.  It is a convenient and easy to use screw driven piston type.  The nib is a large, handsome affair.  It writes with a light touch and a smooth, firm, medium line.

The Cross presentation case has a couple of small dints in the lid, but it is solid, clean, and robust.  The Cross guarantee leaflet is included.

The Cross Solo GT is a high quality, attractive and practical pen, this one in totally mint condition.  It would make an excellent daily writer.