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De La Rue 1332 Pen

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The De La Rue 1332 was made, in Scotland around 1935, after union issues prompted the company to relocate.

It is a classically handsome pen, finished in black with two Gold filled cap rings and ball ended clip carrying the 'sunburst' logo.

The pen has been fully restored and tested, it is in excellent condition and performs very well indeed.

A lever filler, it takes up a good volume of ink, and the original T. De La rue 14 Ct. Gold nib writes with a medium line with a small but pleasing amount of flex. 

The barrel carries an imprint ' The De La Rue Pen' and the model number '1332' at the end of the barrel, signifying the model number.  The number '461' also appears, the significance of this is uncertain, possibly a batch code.

With a posted length of 16cm. the De La Rue is an extremely long and elegant, high quality pen with a good deal of prestige.