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Esterbrook CH pen. Mint, unused condition.

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The Esterbrook CH pen, made in the mid 1950s, is a smaller version of the more common J series.  It was advertised as a 'purse pen' and usually occurs in pastel colours, this one is black.

The pen has not been used and is complete with the original box and guarantee, instruction leaflet.  The cap bears chalk marks, intended to inform the retailer of the price of the pen depending upon whether it was fitted with a standard 'Dura' nib or the more expensive 'master'.  This pen has a 9968 nib which is the 'master' type with a broad point.

The marks are meant to be rubbed off by the retailer before sale but these have survived, perhaps the pen was not intended to be used.  The marks are very fragile and would wear away rapidly if the pen was handled.

The pen required no restoration work but the old ink sac had hardened with age so it was replaced.  The surface is excellent and the imprint is sharp and clear.

This is, by no means, a common pen and is clearly of collectable quality, but perhaps it is time for the marks to be rubbed off and the pen used and shown off.