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Eversharp Fifth Avenue Pencil in Burgundy

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The Eversharp Fifth Avenue was only made between 1943 and 1946.  The short production run and the fact that it was not a good seller resulted in it becoming quite difficult to find in later years.  This is particularly true for the pencil which sold in much lower numbers than the pen.  It is, in design very 'Art Deco' and this could have been seen as outdated at the time.

This example, finished in Burgundy, shows very few, if any, signs of use.  The Burgundy colour has a very deep shine that contrasts well with the yellow Gold filling on the cap and cone.

The cap is marked as '1/10 14k. YGF' indicating that 1/10th, by weight, of the cap is 14 Carat yellow Gold.  It also bears the eversharp 'Double Tick' which represents a lifetime guarantee for the pencil.

The pencil is cap actuated, a click on the cap extends the lead.  The maechanism is in excellent working order.  Leads for the pencil are readily available.

At 13.3 cm. in length this is a full sized pencil with a solid, high quality feel.  It is an unusual, attractive, and robust vintage pencil which, although over 75 years old, would still make an excellent every day user.