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Eversharp Gold filled pencil, full size.

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Everharp pencils were first established, in the U.K,. in 1920.  This is an exceptional early Gold fillled example in first class condition throughout.

At 13.4 cm in length it is a full sized pencil, sometimes referred to as 'man sized'.  It has a ding free, Gold filled costruction with a plain finish, there is no personalisation.

In full working order, the pencil finial twists to expel the lead.  The manual retract is correct for the time the pen was produced.

A new lead has been fitted and there is a spare in the barrel which can be accessed by unscrewing the finial. 

The huge success of the Eversharp pencil resulted in it not being particularly rare but it is still hard to find an unengraved, early example in such fine condition.